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About Nave

Preventative Maintenance & Rotary Equipment Repair

Keeping our customer's equipment running smoothly has been a Nave Family Business for over 5 Decades. Our staff consists of only the very finest team of technicians and while our focus is on Risk Reduction through Preventative Maintenance, our response time in an emergency situation is UNBEATABLE!

Our Clients Stick with us, because we take the time to understand their processes and equipment, and we are there for them 24/7.

We Service

•Ethanol Facilities
•Food Processing
•Chemical Plants
•Paper Plants
• Cement Plants
• Sugar & Grain Plants
• Soy Bean
• Industrial Plants

We Offer

• Project Management
• Shut Down Repair
• Preventative Maintenance
• Field Contracting
• Rotary Dryer&Cooler Maintenance
• Mechanical Repairs & Assembly
• Tire and Trunnion Grinding
• Hot and Cold Alignment
Why Choose Nave?

Reasons Major Facilities
Have Chosen Nave for over 5 Decades

We utilize the latest technology in metal cutting, machining and welding. We continue to excel in quality and responsive service to our customers. We are in a highly specialized industry. Many manufacturers also offer maintenance work, but Nave specializes not in the creation of Rotary Kiln Coolers. Dryers or equipment, but in proper maintenance, shut-down services and Emergency Repairs.

50 Years Experience

Our Family has been supporting Factories for over 5 generations, our committment to you is a Family Business.

OSHA and MSHA Compliant

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliant, we solve problems, we don't create them.

Trained Workers

We have a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians, positioned nationwide, ready to help.

24/7 Emergency Services

Your Business is our Business. We understand that when your equipment isn't working, it's time NOW!

Quick Response

Our 24/7 Availability is backed by a Quick Response Time. Our Specialty is an ability to Come and Solve ASAP!

Specialized Preventative Maintenance

Uniquely Specialized in Proper Maintenance, Shut-Down Services & Emergency Repair

We Are Business Who Cares, And it Shows


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